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General availability: Azure Scheduler



Azure Scheduler is now generally available in the [Azure portal]( With this release, users can access all of the Scheduler features through the UI, including advanced schedules, error action configuration, and the retry policy. [![SchedulerScreenShot-GA](]( also added some new highly requested features: * **Run Now**Trigger a Scheduler job to run immediately. * **Service Bus queue and topic actions**Create Scheduler jobs that post messages to Service Bus queues or topics by using .NET messaging or AMQP. In addition, there is support for brokered message property configurations and adding custom message properties. * **Azure Resource Manager support**Scheduler is supported by Resource Manager, which gives you the capability for roll-based access control (RBAC), tagging, audited management operations, and deployment by using ARM deployment templates. For more information, see: * [Microsoft Azure Scheduler Management 0.9.3-preview]( * [Scheduler]( page * [Scheduler Pricing details]( * Scheduler * Features * SDK and Tools * [ Scheduler](