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WebHooks available for Logic apps



With the latest update for Logic apps, there is native support for triggering via WebHooks, including the ability for you to define a synchronous response to the trigger. This new feature includes: * Static endpoints, which are maintained across resource moves or subscription moves. * Full access to all of the headers and body of the trigger's request. * By having full access to the trigger's request, you can pass binary or XML content into a Logic app. * SAS style authentication. * You don't need to use Basic authentication anymore; you can paste the link and it'll automatically work. * Synchronous responses * You can define any status code, set of headers, or body (including binary) for all incoming requests. [![webhookexmaple](]( features are available in the **Code** view when you use schema version 2015-08-01-preview. The graphical designer does not support them yet. With these changes, you can also view a new metric, **Run Throttled Events**, to see if your Logic app is being throttled because of the pricing tier. You no longer have to use the **HTTP Listener** API app because its key features are built in to the Logic apps engine.To see a demo and hear the full announcement, watch [Logic Apps Live - Jan 28 2016]( * App Service * Features * [ App Service](