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Azure App Service supports V2 virtual networks



Azure App Service supports V2 (Azure Resource Manager) virtual networks. This means you can integrate your web, mobile, or API apps with your V1 or V2 virtual networks. To do this, go to your app > **Settings** \> **Networking** blade, just as you did previously for integrating V1 virtual networks.[![V2](]( can select a V1 or V2 virtual network for integration. A V1 virtual network has "(Classic)" after the name. Creating a new virtual network will create a V2 virtual network with a gateway and point to site (P2S) enabled, but it won’t set up the network with your app. If you have a pre-existing V2 virtual network, follow the online guidance for how to set up a gateway with P2S before it can be selected for integration.For more information, see [Integrate your app with an Azure virtual network]( * App Service * Virtual Network * Features * [ App Service]( * [ Virtual Network](