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Code-free copy wizard for Azure Data Factory



The newest feature in [Azure Data Factory]( ​makes it easy to set up your data movement pipelines—without writing a line of JSON.Use a simple click-through wizard to create and deploy data movement pipelines. You can browse multiple tables and folders, preview your data, map schemas, validate expressions, and perform simple data transformations. With this interface, it is as easy and efficient to move hundreds of files, folders, or tables as it is to move one or two.Today, you can move data between Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, and even your on-premises SQL server by using the new code-free copy feature. Going forward, we will be adding support for even more data sources. Learn more about code-free copy from our [documentation]( and try it out by clicking the "Copy Data" tile in your Data Factory in the [Azure portal]( * Azure Data Factory * Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 * Azure Synapse Analytics * Azure SQL Database * Features * Services * [ Azure Data Factory]( * [ Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1](