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General availability: Azure Data Catalog



[Azure Data Catalog]( is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that stores, describes, indexes, and shows how to access any registered data asset. It makes data source discovery easy and facilitates collaboration between those who seek information and those who create it.In contrast to traditional metadata management solutions that focus on IT, Data Catalog bridges the gap between IT and business users. It allows users with knowledge of the data to enrich the system by annotating each data asset as it is discovered. And IT can still maintain control and oversight as the system evolves by locking down visibility to selected assets as the need occurs.For more information about its capabilities, please visit the [Data Catalog documentation]( page.Data Catalog is offered in both Free and Standard editions, and general availability pricing will be in effect starting May 1, 2016\. For more information about pricing, please visit the [Data Catalog pricing]( page. * Data Catalogue * Pricing & Offerings * Services * [ Data Catalogue](