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Azure SQL Data Warehouse: May 2016 update



Several features have been added to Azure SQL Data Warehouse in our most recent update: * ​[Azure Active Directory]( authentication * Large-row support * Transaction size limits * Improved Visual Studio support * Support for [varchar(max)](, [nvarchar(max)](, [varbinary(max)](, [numeric](, and [uniqueidentifier]( data types * Support for [RAND()](, [CHECKSUM()](, [BINARY\_CHECKSUM()](, [NEWID()](, and [IS\_SRVROLEMEMBER()]( functions * Support for the [sys.database\_service\_objectives]( dynamic management view (DMV) for Azure SQL Data Warehouse databases * [Archival compression]( for clustered columnstore tables To learn more about these updates, see [Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports Azure Active Directory, large rows, and additional T-SQL features]( * Azure Synapse Analytics * Services