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Automation scheduling feature update



Azure Automation supports weekly and monthly schedules. With these new recurrence options, you can select days of the week or days of the month for your schedule to run on. To create a schedule, navigate to **Assets** \> **Schedules** \> **Add**. You will notice two additional options in **Recurrence Options** for **Weekly** and **Monthly**. To create a weekly schedule, set the flag for a recurring schedule and select **Weekly** for the **Recur every** field. You can schedule to run once every week at the selected time, or you can set advanced recurrence options and configure which days of the week the schedule will run on. When you select days of the week, the start date will act as the effective date for the schedule. The schedule will use the start time as the time for the schedule to run on. * Automation * Features * Services * [ Automation](