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General availability: HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ



We're excited to announce the general availability of the HDInsight Tools plug-in for IntelliJ. For people who develop Java Spark applications on Azure HDInsight, the development cycle of a Spark application from the IDE can be long and tedious. With HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ, users can get started with Spark on HDInsight in just a few minutes. Experienced Spark developers can iterate their development cycle faster and easier. The plug-in extends IntelliJ to support the Spark job life cycle: create, author, debug, and finally submit the job to a Spark cluster on HDInsight. It integrates well with Azure so that users can navigate Spark clusters and view associated Azure storage accounts. To further boost productivity, the plug-in offers the capability to view Spark job history, display detailed job logs, and show the job output. You can install the plug-in by going to the IntelliJ repository and searching for **HDInsight**. If you've already installed the plug-in, IntelliJ will prompt you for the latest update. [![image](]( For more information, check out the following links: * Video: [Introducing HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ for Spark Development]( * Documentation: [Use HDInsight Tools plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA to create and submit Spark Scala applications (Linux)]( * Announcements: [Azure blog]( and [Big Data blog]( If you have questions, feedback, comments, or bug reports, send email to []( * HDInsight * Features * SDK and Tools * [ HDInsight](