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Bot Framework Updates



We’re pleased to announce [updates to the Bot Framework]( that will provide developers with more tools and streamlined integration to other services for developing bots. **Updates** * Cortana integration and speech support will provide a Cortana Channel and a Cortana development experience, allowing developers to trigger, create and publish a skill to Cortana. * Bing Bots – authored using the Bot Framework and connected via the Bing Channel. Bot developers will be able to publish their bots to Bing, where they will show up in the [Bing Bots Rich Answer](, and users may chat with the bot on * Adaptive Cards will provide developers with an easier way to compose cards. An Adaptive Card is made of composable visual building blocks described in JSON that automatically adapt to the host’s UX, theme and modality. Read about these and [many more updates to the Bot Framework]( * Features