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Azure Batch updates



We've made the following recent enhancements to Azure Batch: * **Application packages for pools created with VirtualMachineConfiguration**: Until this update, application packages could be specified only for pools created with **CloudServiceConfiguration**. Now, you can specify application packages for both **CloudServiceConfiguration** pools and **VirtualMachineConfiguration** pools. * **Metrics for low-priority VMs**: New metrics have been added to cater for low-priority VMs, which were recently introduced. The new metrics are **Low-Priority Node Count**, **Low-Priority Core Count**, and **Preempted Node Count**. * **Azure CLI support to create pools and run jobs from the command line, with no code required (preview)**: You can use the Azure CLI to create and use Batch template JSON files that allow Batch pools, jobs, and tasks to be created. You can easily upload job input files to the storage account associated with the Batch account, and you can easily download job output files.​ See the [Azure Batch CLI documentation ]( more details. * Batch * Features * [ Batch](