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Public preview: HA Ports



Azure Load Balancer introduces a HA Ports, a capability that enables you to load balance internal virtual network traffic on all ports for all supported protocols. The single rule configuration for all ports reduces the configuration complexity and removes the rule limits for Load Balancer. This capability is especially useful for scenarios that involve network virtual appliance (NVA) high availability. You can configure an HA Port rule on an Azure internal load balancer, and deploy the NVAs in n-Active mode for reliability and scale. You can also use HA Ports to enable load balancing on a range of ports by adding some NSG configuration on top. HA Ports is available in public preview in: * US East 2 * US Central * US West Central * Europe West * Europe North * Asia Southeast To get information on configuration and scenarios, see the Azure Load Balancer [documentation]( * Load Balancer * Virtual Network * Features * [ Load Balancer]( * [ Virtual Network](