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Azure Databricks



Azure Databricks is a high-performance Apache Spark-based platform optimised for Azure. With one-click set-up and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration among data scientists, data engineers and business analysts, Azure Databricks accelerates innovation by streamlining workflows. Take on the most ambitious big data analytics challenges with the global scale of Azure, native and effortless integration with a wide variety of data stores, and enterprise-grade security. Azure Databricks features include: · **Interactive workspace** to drive collaboration between data scientists, data engineers and business analysts. · **Single click to launch** your new Spark environment. · **Integrate with Azure Active Directory.** · **Integrate natively with data stores –** deep integration with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, CosmosDB, Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Blob Storage. · Gain more control and oversight through **role-based access.** · **Rich integration with PowerBI** to discover and share your insights in powerful new ways. Visit [Azure Databricks]( for more information about the capabilities available. * Features