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Preview: Azure SDK for Go 12.0.0



Preview version 12.0.0-beta of the [Azure SDK for Go]( is [now available]( to help you use Azure services from Go applications. To get it, run `go get -u`, or use our newly-introduced support for [dep]( and add the following lines to your Gopkg.toml: `[[constraint]] name = "" version = "12.0.0-beta"` Changes in this version include: * Long-running (asynchronous) operations now return a future-like construct that can be used to poll for operation completion. Previously, such operations returned channels and polling was handled internally by the library. * Support for API versions and profiles added. Use the `services/...` or `profiles/...` paths in import statements to choose specific versions and avoid unexpected breaking changes. See [our wiki]( for more info. * Support for [context]( added. Library methods now all expect a Context struct as their first parameter. * Support for [dep]( added and for [glide]( removed. * API for iterating over pageable results simplified. * New services added: * Azure Cosmos DB via MongoDB API * Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) * Microsoft Cognitive Services: Custom Search, Entity Search, Image Search, News Search, Video Search, Web Search, and Spell Check For more details, see the [change log]( Please open issues and requests in [our GitHub tracker]( Thank you! * Azure Resource Manager * Azure Cosmos DB * Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) * Azure Cognitive Services * Management * SDK and Tools * Services * [ Azure Resource Manager]( * [ Azure Cognitive Services]( * [ Azure Cosmos DB](