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February update for Azure IoT Edge



The February update for Azure IoT Edge includes improvements to the runtime: * Python: Azure IoT Edge modules can now be written in Python through the [client]( and [service]( SDKs. * Edge CLI: The [Azure IoT extension]( for [Azure CLI]( now allows programmatic management of IoT Edge solutions in addition to the existing Azure portal experience. * Protocol choice: Users can now configure the runtime to use AMQP or AMQP over WebSockets for communication with Azure IoT Hub. * Bug fixes: Multiple issues have been resolved, including fixes for the "could not find file 'C:\\app\\backup.json' exception" error and the bug that caused edge devices to appear as disconnected in the Azure portal. The [Azure IoT Edge extension]( for VS Code has been updated to: * Create, update, and delete IoT Edge devices and modules. * View module twins. The following articles have been published: * How to [use the Azure IoT extension]( * How to [debug C# modules]( * How to [debug Azure functions]( that run on the edge * How to [use SQL Server]( on the edge [Code]( for the temperature sensor module used in the [quickstarts]( and [tutorials]( is now on GitHub. * Internet of Things * Features * [ Internet of Things](