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Azure Resource Manager API is available



The release of the [new Azure capacities for Power BI Embedded]( in October enables ISVs to enjoy the full elasticity of an Azure resource. ISVs can pause or resume capacity, scale up or down and pay for hourly usage only. We’ve released the Azure Resource Manager API to do these actions automatically. Here are all the actions you can perform by using the Resource Manager API: * Scale up/down * Pause/start a resource * Create/delete a resource * Get capacity information * Update capacity * Get a capacity list in a resource group/subscription You can download the [full Resource Manager SDK from GitHub](, or [learn more from our documentation]( Power BI Embedded PowerShell cmdlets for the Resource Manager API are in [release 5.1.1 of Azure PowerShell]( * Power BI Embedded * Features * Management * SDK and Tools * [ Power BI Embedded](