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Power BI Embedded capacity APIs



## In Power BI Embedded, added automation APIs support [assigning a workspace to an Azure capacity]( Currently, through the Power BI portal, a workspace administrator with capacity assignment permissions can access **Edit workspace** and choose a capacity to assign to a workspace. The new **Assign to Capacity** API replicates this behaviour. The API can be used to assign the workspace, unassign it or move between capacities. We also added the [Get Capacities]( API to get a list of all the capacities the user has access to (as capacity administrator and/or assignment permissions). An additional property that states the capacity where a workspace resides is available in the existing [Get Groups]( API. With these API additions to manage workspaces in capacities, we completed the automation story to onboard new customers, using a workspace for each customer. Here are the main steps to automate the process: 1. [Clone the workspace]( with the analytical content for a new customer. 2. [Connect the cloned content]( to the customer’s data source. 3. Get the customer into production by assigning the cloned workspace to a dedicated capacity. * Power BI Embedded * Features * [ Power BI Embedded](