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Power BI Embedded mobile layout support



## Embedding reports and dashboards on mobile devices is improving! Power BI Embedded now supports layouts that are optimised for consumption on mobile devices. For reports, you can open report pages in [phone layout]( if they were created through Power BI Desktop. We added a [new JavaScript API]( to check whether a report page has a phone layout defined and embed it. It’s the optimal layout to use when devices are in portrait orientation. When devices are in landscape orientation, the optimal layout is the original report layout. By using the JavaScript API, you can switch views during the user’s session according to the phone layout, offering an optimal experience at any state. When you’re embedding a report with no mobile layout defined, you can still make it look good on a mobile phone by using the [Custom Layout API]( With this API, you can dynamically set the size of the page, and the size of each visual and its location on the canvas. You can give each device its own optimal layout without going back to Power BI Desktop. For dashboards, you can open them on mobile devices by using the one-column layout. This layout sets all tiles in a single column, one above the other. As in the reports, this view is optimal for portrait orientation. You can switch back to the original layout during the session as well. [Learn more]( about configuring the dashboard layout to a single column. Predefined phone view for dashboards is not supported in this release. * Power BI Embedded * Features * [ Power BI Embedded](