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Power BI Embedded single-visual embedding



## You can give your users more than a general **Analytics** page. By embedding visuals into your app, you can get in-page analytics where only the most relevant and insightful data resides next to your user’s day-to-day actions, making data-driven decisions easier than ever. The fully flexible API gives you the capability to choose which visual to show for each user, or switch visuals in the same iframe during the user’s session. You can optimise the size and layout of each visual at any time using the new “custom layout” feature. Unlike tile embedding, in order to embed a visual, you specify the report and report page for the visual. From the [list of visuals]( on a page, you define which visuals will be hidden and which will be visible. This methodology has advantages: * **Switching visuals**. By switching visuals on the same report, you don’t need to generate a new embed token. Just switch the visibility definition of the visuals, and you will immediately show different visuals that have already been rendered. * **Displaying multiple visuals**. Why settle for a single visual, if you need more than one to gain insights? As you define the visibility of each visual, you can choose to show multiple visuals on the same iframe and define in real time the size and position of each one. By showing multiple visuals, you also enjoy interactivity and cross-filtering between visuals, just like a regular report. You can explore the new API through our [live demo tool](, by selecting **Sample Report Visual**. You can read more about single-visual embedding in our[ documentation]( * Power BI Embedded * Features * [ Power BI Embedded](