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Visualize release progress—VSTS Sprint 135 Update



The Sprint 135 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) brings a new way to visualize all your release activity. The new [release progress view]( takes the [graphical release definition editor]( developed last year and lights it up with progress and status so that you can track a release and take actions in full context. There are other features across work, code, build, release, and even authentication, as listed below. [View the full release notes]( on Microsoft Docs. ### Work * [Import and export Inherited Processes]( * [Customize column options in the Work Items hub]( ### Code * [Receive notifications when pull request policies are bypassed]( * [Favorite a branch from within a pull request]( ### Build and release * [Visualize release progress]( * [Run inline or file-based Python scripts in your pipeline]( * [Use Anaconda tools for data science in your pipeline]( * [Simplify definitions with multiple agentless tasks per phase]( * [Manage limits on self-hosted, concurrent CI/CD jobs]( * [Streamline authentication from agent VMs to Azure Resource Manager]( ### Authentication * [Guard your user account using alternate authentication notifications]( * Azure DevOps * Features