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Azure Container Instances: June updates



Azure Container Instances supports multiple new features in the release of the June API 01-06-2018: * [Deploy multi-container groups by using simple YAML]( configurations from Azure CLI 2.0\. You can also export the YAML from existing container groups to save and edit configurations. > az container create --resource-group MyResourceGroup --name myContainerGroup -f myconfiguraiton.yaml > > az container export --resource-group MyResourceGroup --name myContainerGroup -f exportedconfiguration.yaml * Pass [secrets safely as environment variables]( that can only be accessed from within your container by utilizing secure values. * Set up [liveness probes for your containers]( so they restart when specific functionality isn't working. * Query your container logs from [Azure Log Analytics by passing in an OMS workspaceId]( ​![Log Search results in the Azure portal]([ ]( For more information, see the Azure Container Instances [product documentation]( * Container Instances * Features * [ Container Instances](