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Modernizing the UI—VSTS Sprint 136 Update



In the Sprint 136 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), we're introducing some design changes. You can preview a new experience in the [Build hub]( and [Test tab]( The [Queries hub]( is now generally available. Also, you can try a preview of the [new navigation experience]( There are other features across work, build, release, test, and reporting, as listed below. [View the full release notes]( on Microsoft Docs. ### Navigation * [Preview our new navigation]( ### Work * [Queries hub generally available]( * [Easily find existing work items in linking and mention experiences]( ### Build and release * [New build results page]( * [Pass environment variables to tasks]( * [Ignore a release gate for a deployment]( * [Set a variable at release time]( * [Organize your release definitions in folders]( * [Use improved Windows remote PowerShell based tasks]( * [GitHub artifacts show associated commits deployed in a release]( ### Package * [Use upstream sources in legacy feeds]( * [Use arbitrary public npm feeds as upstream sources]( ### Test * [Improved experiences in the Test tab]( ### Reporting * [Exclude items completed before a certain date in analytics views]( * [Easily navigate to dashboards]( ### Authentication * [Get notified for PAT expirations]( * Azure DevOps * Features