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Avere vFXT for Azure



The Avere vFXT for Azure provides high-performance file access for HPC applications. It arms applications owners and computing directors tasked with managing critical high-performance computing (HPC) workloads with scalability, flexibility and easy access to cloud and file-based storage locations. The Avere vFXT for Azure caches active data closest to compute nodes in Azure, initially reading data from its home in on-premises network-attached storage (NAS) or Azure Blob and hides latency between the storage and Azure Compute. Easy to install and easy to use, you can burst applications to the Azure on demand, process and return these workloads to your on-prem environment with minimal management and setup. Avere vFXTs support scaling of thousands of cores to meet fluctuating compute demand without overprovisioning on-prem data centre environments. To learn more about Avere for Azure, visit our announcement [blog]( and [services page]( [Try it now ]( [Read the announcement]( [Learn More]( * Services