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General availability: Event Hubs for Go



Version 1.0 of the [Azure Event Hubs package for Go]( is now generally available. Event Hubs queues can receive millions of events per second from sources like Azure IoT hubs, cloud application logs, and data analysis services like Azure HDInsight. The queues can route these events to managed services like Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions, and Azure Cosmos DB. By using this new package, developers can send events from any Go application to Event Hubs and receive and handle events in Go applications and systems. The new Event Hubs package is built on the [AMQP]( protocol as implemented by []( AMQP provides support for reliable connections, high throughput, and compatibility with projects like [Apache ActiveMQ]( and [Amazon MQ]( The package also includes an Event Processor Host framework for distributing and load balancing event processing across several hosts. Use this package along with our others for [.NET](, [Java](, [Node.js](, and [Python]( to share events across all your apps and systems. * Event Hubs * Features * SDK and Tools * Services * [ Event Hubs](