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Azure API Management update, 14 September



The latest update to Azure API Management includes these features, changes and bug fixes: * We no longer impose a 64-KB content length limit on 4XX and 5XX responses. * Revisions now work properly for so-called root APIs – APIs defined without a suffix. * Queries that include multi-byte characters now work correctly in all lists on the Azure portal. * We updated the Quickstart page on the Azure portal with new tutorials. * [Named values]( are now allowed within the Credentials property of the [Backend]( entity. * Request and response examples auto-generated during WSDL import are now limited to 10 KB. The service update started on 14 September 2018\. We upgrade service instances in batches, and it usually takes about a week for the update to reach every active service instance. * API Management * Features * [ API Management](