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Pipeline container jobs – Sprint 140 Update



In the **Sprint 140 Update** of **Azure DevOps Services**, you’ll find a new way to customise build dependencies to your specific requirements with the introduction of [container jobs]( in Azure Pipelines. In Wiki, you can now [add videos](, [rename]( and [add a table of contents with a single click]( Azure Pipelines: * [Control specific build dependencies using container jobs]( * [Enable code coverage in .NET Core task]( Azure Boards: * [Leverage restructured Process REST APIs]( Azure Artifacts: * [Simplify authentication using the new cross-platform Credential Provider for NuGet]( * [Store artifacts using Universal Packages]( * [Compress symbols when publishing to a file share]( Wiki: * [Embed a video in wiki]( * [Rename a wiki]( * [Insert a wiki table of contents from the format pane]( Administration: * [Manage your personal access tokens with filtering and paging]( View the [full release notes]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](