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Azure Frontdoor Service in preview



Azure Frontdoor is your one secure entry point for delivering globally performant, highly scalable apps. Now in preview, Azure Frontdoor is a scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global, microservice-based web applications. Control and monitor your service’s traffic and global back-ends from one central control plane and dashboard. Perched at the edge of the Microsoft global network, the Azure Frontdoor service’s global anycast-based network of battle-tested POPs located close to end users hosts your domain and offloads SSL, protects against DDoS, reduces latency and increases throughput for dynamic global web applications. Easily scale out and join your distributed microservice back-ends into a single, global application using HTTP load balancing and path-based routing rules. Automate turning up new regions and scale-out with API-driven global actions and independent fault-tolerance to your back-end microservices in Azure – or anywhere. To help keep your service safe, the Azure Frontdoor service stops network and application layer attacks at the edge with global application firewall and built-in DDoS protection. For more information, please visit the [Azure Frontdoor service overview page]( [Learn more]( * Services