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ExpressRoute Direct in preview



ExpressRoute Direct changes the way that customers access public cloud at hyperscale with the fastest private edge connectivity in the world. ExpressRoute Direct allows customers to use the functionality of ExpressRoute and connect directly to the global Microsoft backbone at 100 Gbps. This enables customers who have scenarios like massive data ingestion to storage, physical isolation, dedicated capacity and burst capacity to take advantage of Microsoft’s global backbone to access Azure regions at tremendous scale. This is backed with the enterprise-grade 99.95 per cent SLA for port pair availability. ExpressRoute Direct will allow you to find the best location or locations where you require 100 Gbps of capacity, generate a letter of authorisation to physically connect in our peering location, complete physical testing of ports, and create many circuits on the physical ports. ExpressRoute provides customers with the ability to privately connect using a service provider in our more than 50 peering locations to either a virtual network or a Microsoft public service, such as Azure SQL or Storage. This provides customers with increased reliability and speed, lower latency and private connectivity, bypassing the Internet and connecting to Microsoft’s global network. [Learn more]( * Azure ExpressRoute * Services * [ Azure ExpressRoute](