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Logic Apps available in Azure China cloud



Azure Logic Apps is now available in the Azure China cloud in public preview. Logic Apps can be accessed through the [Azure China portal]( For more information on Logic Apps, visit the [Logic Apps]( page and the [What is Logic Apps?]( documentation page. ### Connectors [Connectors ]( from a logic app hosted in the Azure China cloud now have access to Azure resources in Azure China regions. The Azure-based connectors are scoped to connect to resources in Azure China. If the Azure service is not yet hosted in Azure China, the connector for that service won’t be in the set of available connectors. Connectors for Azure services that are currently available in China-deployed logic apps include: * Azure Resource Manager * Azure Automation * Azure Blob storage * Azure Files * Azure Queue storage * Azure Table storage * Azure Cosmos DB * Azure Event Hubs * Azure Service Bus * Azure SQL Data Warehouse For any missing connectors, you can add a request to the [Logic Apps user voice]( If you can’t wait and need to use any missing connectors, you can call a logic app running in Azure Commercial that uses them from a logic app running in the Azure China cloud. ### Custom connectors Deploying and using custom connectors in Azure China is supported, but the creation experience in the portal is not yet available. If you need to use the portal experience to create a custom connector, you can create the resource in Azure Commercial, download it as an Azure Resource Manager deployment template and then deploy it to Azure China. You can download a custom connector by selecting the **Download** button on the **Logic Apps Custom Connector overview** blade. To deploy resources in a Resource Manager deployment template from the Azure portal, see the [resource group deployment documentation]( * Logic Apps * Regions & Datacenters * [ Logic Apps](