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New updates to Azure Machine Learning in preview



The following new capabilities for Azure Machine Learning are now available in preview: Azure Machine Learning service Python SDK – Integrate with your favourite Python development environment, including Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, PyCharm, Azure Databricks notebooks or Jupyter notebooks. Automated machine learning and hyper-parameter tuning – Identify the best algorithms faster with automated machine learning, and find the best model efficiently with intelligent hyper-parameter tuning. Distributed deep learning – Build better models faster with massive, managed GPU clusters. Train models quickly with distributed deep learning. Model management – Manage your Dockerized models using models and images registry, and integrate into your continuous integration (CI/CD) pipeline. Hardware accelerated inferencing – Access powerful FPGAs for high-speed image classification and recognition scenarios. Supported models include: ResNet 50; ResNet 152; VGG-16; SSD-VGG; and DenseNet-121, which can be trained using your data. Learn more about the [Azure Machine Learning]( service. [See the pricing page]( * Services