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Public preview: Azure Cost Management



Understanding how and where you’re accruing costs in the cloud can be a challenge. Keeping costs down can be even more difficult, without the right tools. [Azure Cost Management](, now in preview, can help. ![Native Cost Management in the Azure portal]( With Azure Cost Management, you can: View enrolment, management group, subscription and resource group costs over time against a predefined budget. Analyse daily cost patterns to identify and stop spending anomalies. Break costs down by tags, resource group, service, location and more – to focus on what’s most important. Create subscription and resource group budgets to set soft limits on usage and costs, and get notified as important thresholds are approached. Set up automation with action groups to trigger custom events and enforce hard limits on your terms. Optimise cost and usage with recommendations from Azure Advisor. Discover purchase optimisations with reservations, downsize underused virtual machines and delete unused resources to stay within organisational budgets. Schedule an export of subscription and resource group costs to publish a CSV file to your storage account on a daily basis. Automate integration with external systems to keep billing data in sync and up to date, wherever you need it. Azure Cost Management is available from the Azure portal for Enterprise Agreement (EA) accounts with no onboarding and 8-hour latency. For more information, see the [documentation]( * Microsoft Cost Management * Management * [ Microsoft Cost Management](