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Azure portal October update



The following updates were made to the Azure portal in October 2018: Portal shell and UI * User experience refresh * Account, subscription and directory management improvements Quickstart Center * Microsoft-recommended best practices to set up your Azure environment Compute, networking and storage * Blades for virtual machine and storage account creation now in full-screen * UI updates for virtual machine scale sets * Azure Advisor notifications and other integrated experiences in Azure Virtual Machines * Azure Service Fabric Mesh new portal experience * Desired State Configuration on the Virtual Machine blade * Virtual WAN portal experience * Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall UI updates Management tools * Activity Log UI improvements * Managed Applications UI updates for Service Catalogue * Managed Applications new default overview and monitoring support * Azure Automation with support for Python 2 runbooks Databases * Azure SQL Database sign-in experience with improved visibility for the query editor * Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance window configuration For more details, see the [blog post]( * Microsoft Azure portal * Azure mobile app * Storage Accounts * Virtual Machines * Virtual Machine Scale Sets * Azure Advisor * Service Fabric * Virtual WAN * Activity Log * Azure Managed Applications * Automation * Azure SQL Database * Azure Synapse Analytics * Management * [ Azure Advisor]( * [ Automation]( * [ Azure mobile app]( * [ Microsoft Azure portal]( * [ Azure Managed Applications]( * [ Service Fabric]( * [ Storage Accounts]( * [ Virtual Machine Scale Sets]( * [ Virtual Machines]( * [ Virtual WAN](