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What’s new for PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell



PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is now available and adds performance improvements and features to PowerShell: 1. The PowerShell start-up experience is now on par with Bash. 2. PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell offers a consistent tooling experience, as Cloud Shell runs on a Linux Container that uses PowerShell Core. 3. PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is portable and equipped with tools such as Azure PowerShell, git, and common text editors. At the same time, user settings can persist across sessions for increased productivity. 4. Four new Azure virtual machine remoting cmdlets enable interactive connectivity to an individual or many machines for automated tasks that use PowerShell remoting. Gain quick PowerShell access from a variety of locations, such as the [Azure Portal](, [](, [Microsoft Docs](, [Visual Studio Code]( and the [Azure Mobile App]( * Cloud Shell * Services * [ Cloud Shell](