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Azure JavaScript libraries preview release



Today, we are happy to announce the first preview release of Azure JavaScript libraries generated from the [Azure REST API specs]( using [AutoRest]( This release adds support for isomorphic JavaScript libraries with TypeScript definitions that work on both server and client (browser). The new libraries are released under @azure scope, and package names are in the following pattern: @azure/arm-<servicename> (for Azure Resource Manager libraries) and @azure/<servicename>. You can find the new repository on [GitHub]( The current plan is to release a stable version of the Azure JavaScript libraries by the middle of next year. After the stable release of Azure JavaScript libraries, the [Azure node libraries]( will be deprecated. For guidance on how to migrate from the old Azure node libraries to the new Azure JavaScript libraries, see the [migration page]( For help, see the code snippets in the readme under [packages/@azure]( folders – for example, the [arm-compute folder]( * Azure Resource Manager * SDKs * SDK and Tools * [ Azure Resource Manager](