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Azure Security Center update – November



**The Security Center network map is GA** The interactive network map in Azure Security Center provides a graphical view with security overlays, giving you recommendations and insights for hardening your network resources. Using the map, you can see the network topology of your Azure workloads, along with connections between your virtual machines and subnets. You can drill down from the map into specific resources and the recommendations for those resources. For more information, see [Protect your network resources in Azure Security Center]( **Updated security policy** The security policy page was updated to reflect that the built-in Azure Security Center policies are created in Azure policies. You can see the parameters for each of the policies that are assessed by Azure Security Center and configure existing security policies that apply to selected scopes (subscriptions or management groups). **Change to the pricing model** The Security Center pricing model has been modified. Security Center Standard supports Azure resources such as VMs, apps and SQL servers. For more information, see [Upgrade to Security Center’s Standard tier for enhanced security]( **Permission update for JIT VM access** JIT VM access has a new permission model. To enable customers to deploy a “least privileged” RBAC model, Security Center now requires read permission for users to access VMs. To learn more about the updated permission mode, see [Manage virtual machine access using just in time]( **Temporary change for adaptive application controls** For adaptive application controls, enforce protection mode is temporarily disabled while a fix is being investigated for a policy enforcement mechanism issue. * Security Center * Features * Services * [ Security Center](