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Power BI service update



The latest update to the Power BI services includes the preview of dataflows and paginated reports in Power BI. Power BI already includes robust self-service data preparation capabilities in Power BI Desktop through the familiar Power Query-based experiences that are used by millions worldwide. With the new preview of **dataflows** in Power BI, self-service data preparation has been greatly improved, enabling business analysts to create data preparation logic that can be re-used across multiple Power BI reports and dashboards and linked together to create sophisticated data transformation pipelines. Dataflows can be configured to store the data in the customer’s Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 instance, and dataflows support the Microsoft Common Data Model, giving organisations the ability to leverage a standardised and extensible collection of data schemas (entities, attributes and relationships). Long-time BI customers with investments in SQL Server Reporting Services can now **include pixel-perfect paginated reports alongside Power BI’s existing interactive reports**. This provides a unified, secure, enterprise-wide reporting platform accessible to any user across devices. For more information, see the [Power BI blog]( * Services