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Language understanding container support: preview



**Announcing language understanding cognitive service container support: preview** Container support for [language understanding]( is available in preview today. Use this capability to deploy language understanding solutions to the edge, on premises and in the cloud. Cognitive Services support for containers enables customers to run AI on the edge and build consistent app architectures across the cloud and the edge. **Run AI on the edge** With ever-increasing volumes of data being generated across organisations, customers need the flexibility to deploy AI capabilities in a variety of environments. By deploying Cognitive Services, in containers, customers can analyse information close to the physical world where the data resides, to deliver real-time insights and immersive experiences that are highly responsive and contextually aware. **Build consistent app architectures across the cloud and edge** Cognitive Services containers enable customers to build one application architecture that is optimised to take advantage of both robust cloud capabilities and edge locality. With containers, customers can upgrade to new versions of AI models deployed in their solutions at their own pace. Customers can also test new model versions before deploying them in production in a consistent way, whether running on the edge or in the cloud. Please refer to [our documentation]( for additional details. * Azure Cognitive Services * Language Understanding (LUIS) * Features * Microsoft Connect * [ Azure Cognitive Services](