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HDInsight Tooling has new capabilities



**Azure HDInsight Tools for VSCode** The Azure HDInsight Tools for VSCode are now generally available. They provide you with best-in-class authoring experiences for Apache Hive batch jobs, interactive Hive queries and PySpark jobs. HDInsight Tools for VSCode feature a cross-platform, lightweight, keyboard-focused code editor which removes constraints and dependencies on a platform. It can be run smoothly on Windows, Linux and Mac. Learn more in our [documentation]( and [blog]( **Spark diagnosis and debugging toolkit** A number of enhancements have been added to the rich development and debugging capabilities of HDInsight for Spark developers, including: * Job graph with playback and heatmap identifying read/write bottlenecks. * Executor usage analysis showing executors’ utilisation and job execution efficiency. * Data skew detection and analysis. * Job-specific data management including data preview, download and copy. Learn more in our [documentation]( and [blog]( * HDInsight * Services * [ HDInsight](