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Azure API Management update – 14 February



On 14 February, we started a regular[ Azure API Management]( service update. The update includes the following bug fixes, changes and new features: * You can now use the `rate-limit` policy at the API and API operation levels in addition to the product scope that was supported before. * You can now refer a certificate by its identifier in the `authentication-certificate` policy. * You can now use the `set-header` policy to modify the `Host` header that will be forwarded to the back end. * You can now use **System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.RSACertificateExtensions** class methods in policy expressions. * You can now change the **Publisher Email** and **Organisation Name** properties without restarting API Management. * We optimised updates of the Named Value entity. * We removed the limit of 256 characters for API version release notes. * We added a property to control when to store client IP addresses in Azure Monitor and Azure Application Insights logs. * We fixed a bug that allowed creation of empty and single-slash API paths at the same time. * We fixed a bug that prevented propagation of a product’s **subscriptionRequired** property changes. * We fixed [an issue with API Management deletion]( by making the **DELETE** call on providers/Microsoft.ApiManagement/service a long-running operation. * We no longer remove the `Content-Length` and `Content-Type` headers for `HEAD` requests to API Management. According to the specification, a `HEAD` request should return the same headers as a `GET` request. * We fixed a bug that might cause API Management to lose association between an open product and an API if the API was previously part of another open product. We deploy updates gradually. It usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to receive the updates. * API Management * Features * [ API Management](