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IoT Plug and Play announcement at Build



IoT Plug and Play also enables our hardware partners to build IoT Plug and Play-compatible devices, which can then be certified with our Azure Certified for IoT programme and used by customers and partners straight away. This approach works with devices running any operating system, be it Linux, Android, the Azure Sphere OS, Windows IoT, RTOSs and more. And all of our IoT Plug and Play support is open source as always. Finally, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code will support modelling an IoT Plug and Play device capability model as well as generating IoT device software based on that model, which dramatically accelerates IoT device software development. [Find IoT Plug and Play devices]( [Watch video to learn more ]( * Azure IoT Hub * Azure IoT Edge * Azure IoT Central * Features * [ Azure IoT Central]( * [ Azure IoT Edge]( * [ Azure IoT Hub](