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Azure IoT Edge 1.0.7 release is now available



The [1.0.7 version]( of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements below. Full release notes can be found on the [GitHub release page for 1.0.7]( Instructions on how to update IoT Edge can be found [here]( **IoT Edge is now generally available on Windows IoT Enterprise** with the release of IoT Edge 1.0.7\. Note that IoT Edge’s official support on a long-term support (LTS) branch of Windows does not imply that version 1.0.7 is a LTS branch of IoT Edge. We have not declared any version of IoT Edge as LTS. This means that customers must continue to upgrade to the latest version of IoT Edge to get bug and security fixes. In the future, we will provide an LTS version of IoT Edge. **Connectivity fixes** which resolve unreliable cloud-to-device methods and twin updates are in 1.0.7\. To get these changes, make sure that you update your modules to use the 1.20 version of the client SDK in addition to using the latest version of the runtime. A **troubleshooting tool** (iotedge check) to self-diagnose and correct common configuration issues has been added. Documentation about this feature can be found [here]( * Azure IoT Edge * Features * [ Azure IoT Edge](