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Event Domains generally available in Event Grid



Event Domains is now available for use in production scenarios. This feature on Azure Event Grid allows you to centralise the events delivery management for multi-tenant applications (for example, a SaaS solution), having hundreds of thousands of topics in a single domain with a single publish endpoint. This way, instead of sending the events of a solution individually to each of its end customers, you can send all the events to the domain and Event Grid will handle the routing and delivery. Each topic can have fine-grain authorisation permissions set on a per-tenant basis, controlled by Azure Active Directory, making sure that the right events are delivered to the right customer. Event Domains limits with general availability includes: * 100,000 topics per event domain\* * 100 event domains per Azure subscription\* * 500 event subscriptions per topic in an event domain * 50 ‘firehose’ event subscriptions at the event domain scope * 5,000 events/second into an event domain\* \*As always, if these limits don’t suit you, feel free to get in touch via a support ticket or [email]( so we can get you higher capacity. [Keep reading on docs]( [Learn more on the Azure blog]( * Event Grid * Services * [ Event Grid](