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Azure Site Recovery: Update Rollup 37 (June 2019)



The latest update rollup for Azure Site Recovery is now available. # Update Rollup 37 This update provides a number of fixes, and download links to the latest versions of these Site Recovery components: * Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Unified Setup/Mobility agent (9.25.5241.1) for Windows/CentOS/Ubuntu machines – used for replication from VMware and physical servers to Azure. * Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Configuration Server (5.1.4300.0) * Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider (5.1.4300.0) – used for Hyper-V replication to Azure * Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (2.0.9163.0) – used for replication of Hyper-V to Azure. For more information about the fixes and installation, read [KB 4508614]( * Azure Site Recovery * Features * [ Azure Site Recovery](