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Azure API Management update 19 June



On 19 June, we started a regular[ Azure API Management]( service update. The update includes the following bug fixes, changes and new features: * We added support for the [W3C ]( tracing format in our Application Insights integration. * [CORS]( policy is now supported in the product scope. Please note this policy only works at the product scope when subscription keys are passed in query strings. * API Management is now a [trusted Microsoft service]( by Azure Key Vault. Once opted in, connections from API Management to Azure Key Vault will be let through the Key Vault firewall. * When a certificate is used in a policy, you can now update the certificate using our Management API. Please note that you can only update a certificate if it’s referenced by ID in the policy. * We fixed an issue in Open API Specification export, which caused incorrect hostnames being used in the exported file. * We fixed a couple of issues in Open API Specification v3 import. We deploy updates gradually. It usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to receive the updates. * API Management * Features * Services * [ API Management](