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HDInsight Tools for VSCode: Hive table preview



HDInsight for VSCode continues to boost the experience of Hive users with self-service exploratory capabilities. The HDInsight explorer in VSCode not only empowers you to browse Hive databases across HDInsight clusters, but also enables you to view Hive table schema and preview data. ## Key customer benefits * Navigate across HDInsight clusters and Azure subscriptions * Browse Hive databases and objects * Preview Hive table with flexibility to copy * Export preview data as JSON, CSV and Excel [![image]( "image")]( ## How to install or update First, install Visual Studio Code and download Mono 4.2.x (for Linux and Mac). Then get the latest [Azure HDInsight Tools]( by going to the VSCode Extension repository or the VSCode Marketplace and searching for **HDInsight.** For more information about HDInsight Tools for VSCode, please use the following resources: * User manual: [HDInsight Tools for VSCode]( * Hive LLAP: [Use Interactive Query with HDInsight]( If you have questions, feedback, comments or bug reports, please use the comments below or send a note to []( * HDInsight * Features * SDK and Tools * [ HDInsight](