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Announcing Azure Migration Programme



The Azure Migration Programme, which allows customers and partners to apply to work directly with Microsoft to plan and implement Azure migration projects, is now available. Using proven Microsoft cloud adoption methodologies, tools, resources and best practices, you’ll simplify and accelerate your Azure cloud migration with an approach that’s tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. The Azure Migration Programme also offers: * Curated, step-by-step training directly from Microsoft and cloud migration specialist partners for planning and implementing every aspect of your migration – starting with defining your business objectives all the way to fine-tuning your cloud workloads for optimal performance. * Comprehensive technical resources and skill building through foundational and role-specific courses to teach you how to get the most from the cloud and drive long-term success. * Free Azure migration tools before, during and after migration, including Azure Migrate, a service that helps you move your workloads quickly and more securely. * Cost-saving offers including Azure credits as you make the move, [Azure Hybrid Benefit]( and [free extended security updates]( Begin your migration by submitting an application or nomination to join the programme. We recommend that you have executive sponsorship and a project timeline to get started. [Apply now]( * Azure Migrate * SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines * Azure Database Migration Service * Features * [ Azure Migrate]( * [ Azure Database Migration Service](