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Public preview: Azure Data Share



Azure Data Share is a simple and safe service for sharing big data with other organisations. Effortlessly share data on your terms. Determine what you share, who receives your data and the terms of use. Azure Data Share gives you full visibility into your data sharing transactions, all from a single user-friendly interface. Azure Data Share helps to protect your data by leveraging underlying Azure security measures such as access controls, authentication and encryption. And, with Azure Data Share, you can get started fast. There is no infrastructure to manage or code to write. Easily create, manage, monitor and schedule updates for all of your data sharing relationships from the intuitive UI within the Azure portal. In just a few clicks, you will be ready to share data with this turn-key approach. For more custom data sharing scenarios, you can build your own application using the REST API. Leverage your new datasets immediately for insights. For more information, please visit the [Azure Data Share service ]( * Azure Data Share * Services * [ Azure Data Share](