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Azure DevOps Roadmap update for Q3 of 2019



The engineering team behind [Azure DevOps]( is constantly at work delivering enhancements and new features across our services. We recently added new capabilities at an unprecedented pace for Azure DevOps, including support for [multi-stage YAML pipelines](, [Pipeline environments and Kubernetes integration](, [support for authenticating with GitHub identities](, [Python and Universal packages]( and [public feeds]( in Azure Artifacts, as well as new and updated integrations with [Jira Software](, [Slack]( and [Microsoft Teams](, along with other additions. We also fixed minor to medium issues affecting the user experience on Azure DevOps. As we dive into the second half of 2019, you’ll see significant investments across all Azure DevOps services. The highlights listed below are just a few of the new features coming in the next few months. Visit the [DevOps feature timeline]( for a complete list. Find more details about each item at the public roadmap project, which is linked from each feature. **Azure Boards:** * [Update work item notifications to be more flexible]( * [Customise system picklist values]( **Azure Repos:** * [Add granularity to automatic reviewer policy]( * [Update work items on commits]( * [Support push policies to block commits meeting certain criteria]( **Azure Pipelines:** * [Approvals in YAML pipelines]( * [Multi repository support for YAML pipelines]( * [Deployment job enhancements]( **Azure Artifacts:** * [Simplified setup and pipelines experiences]( * [Billing management and cost controls]( **Azure Test Plan:** * [Test Progress Report]( **Administration:** * [Policy to control and restrict new Azure DevOps organisations]( * [Export list of all Azure DevOps users paid under an Azure subscription]( For more details, see the [Azure DevOps blog]( We appreciate your feedback, which helps us to prioritise. If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, provide a suggestion at the [Developer Community](, vote for an existing one, or contact us on [Twitter]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](