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New Tools are now available in Azure Cloud Shell



Azure Cloud Shell now has some new tools. Cloud Shell provides an interactive, browser-accessible, authenticated shell for managing Azure resources from virtually anywhere. The goal of Azure Cloud Shell is to ensure that you always have access to an up-to-date environment with the latest tools for management. Our efforts are driven by your feedback, and for this latest release, we incorporated some of the most popular requests. The new tools include: * [**Azure Functions CLI**]( – The Azure Functions CLI gives you the ability to create, test, run and debug Azure Functions. Create and run your first Azure Function using [these steps]( * [**Bolt**]( – Puppet Bolt is an open source tool to automate the management of your infrastructure. Use it to automate tasks that are part of your day-to-day workflows, or to automate your as-needed tasks. * [**Packer**]( – HashiCorp Packer is a tool to automate the creation of a machine image, whether it’s a VM, a container or more from a single configuration source. Updated tools: * [**Java Development Kit**]( Version * **[Azure PowerShell](** * [**Azure CLI**]( Try these tools to manage your Azure resources from your browser in more ways than ever. Access Azure Cloud Shell and the included tools from the [Azure portal](, the Cloud Shell [stand-alone experience](**,** the [Azure mobile app]( or the [Azure Account extension]( for Visual Studio Code. We welcome any [feedback]( that you may have to help us deliver a better experience. * Cloud Shell * CLIs * SDK and Tools * [ Cloud Shell](