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New enhancements to Azure Boards are now available



Azure Boards has [new items]( that can help enhance your experience. For example, you can now **customise system picklist values** such as severity, activity and priority. In addition, rule support is now available for setting fields to read-only or required based on group membership. Finally, there’s a new extension that will allow you to create [cascading picklists]( on your work item form. Take a look at the features list below for more new additions and read about [all the new enhancements to Azure Boards]( **Azure Boards:** * [Read-only and required rules for group membership]( * [Customise system picklist values]( **Azure Artifacts:** * [Configure upstreams in different organisations within an AAD tenant]( * [Use Python Credential Provider to authenticate pip and twine with Azure Artifacts feeds]( **Azure Pipelines:** **General** * [Pipelines caching improvements]( * [Increase in gates timeout limit and frequency]( **Docker** * [New build image template for Dockerfile]( * [Arguments input in Docker Compose task]( **Test** * [Fix warning in large test attachments]( **Hosted VMs** * [Updates to hosted pipelines images]( **Azure experiences** * [Support for Bitbucket repositories in Deployment Center for AKS and Web App for containers]( * [Linux Web App support for Java workflows in Azure DevOps projects]( **Azure command-line interface** * [Pipeline variable group and variable management commands]( * [Run pipeline for a PR branch]( **Azure Test Plans:** * [Test Plans progress report]( * [Enhancements to Test Plans page]( **Reporting:** * [Improvement to the Query Results widget]( **Wiki:** * [Comments in wiki pages]( * [Hide folders and files starting with “.” in wiki tree]( * Azure DevOps * Features * [ Azure DevOps](