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Azure Advisor alerts are now in preview



Get your Azure best practice recommendations as soon as they become available with [Azure Advisor]( user-configured alerts, now available in preview. Advisor alerts allow you to optimise your Azure resources quickly and easily. Set an alert for a recommendation category (high availability, performance or cost) and impact level (high, medium or low). Or set an alert for a specific recommendation, such as right-size or shut down underutilised Virtual Machines, use availability sets to improve fault tolerance and more. Alerts are configured using action groups, which allows you to repurpose any action groups you’ve already set up for Azure Monitor alerts or Azure Service Health alerts. Action groups offer a wide range of notification options, from email, SMS and push notifications through the Azure mobile app to webhook, ITSM integration and Automation Runbook. Advisor alerts also make it easier to set up automation scenarios. Automatically route a new Azure best practice recommendation through your ticketing system or runbook and assign it to the right team for remediation. In some cases, alerts can help to automatically remediate the recommendation. To get started, [create Azure Advisor alerts on new recommendations]( [Get started with Advisor in the Azure portal]( [Learn more about Advisor]( [Provide feedback about Advisor]( * Azure Advisor * Features * Services * [ Azure Advisor](